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Was ‘Bucky’ Fuller Right? Are We Digging A Deeper & Deeper Hole?

In one of Buckminster Fuller’s books he recalls how a member of the JP Morgan family said to him “Bucky, you will never make any money because you make things simple. If you want to make money you make the issue more complex.” Does that remind you of choosing a mobile phone deal, or the supply of energy or even choosing your mortgage company? Makes you think doesn’t it! Continue reading

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What Do The Great Mentors/Business Leaders Have In Common?

Are you an Entrepreneur? I truly hope you are, or that you want to be … because successful entrepreneurs create NEW opportunities and employment for others and without that we would be in an even more difficult position.

I am so excited to share with you that our friend, DC Cordova, a Global Entrepreneur, and CEO of Excellerated Business Schools® and the Money & You® Program, is sharing a powerful tool that has been used by some of the most successful mentors and business leaders worldwide which can support you in creating a great business and move you to a whole other level in this New Economy. Continue reading

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