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What Do The Great Mentors/Business Leaders Have In Common?

Are you an Entrepreneur? I truly hope you are, or that you want to be … because successful entrepreneurs create NEW opportunities and employment for others and without that we would be in an even more difficult position.

I am so excited to share with you that our friend, DC Cordova, a Global Entrepreneur, and CEO of Excellerated Business Schools® and the Money & You® Program, is sharing a powerful tool that has been used by some of the most successful mentors and business leaders worldwide which can support you in creating a great business and move you to a whole other level in this New Economy. Continue reading

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Is Politics Relevant to Your Future on Planet Earth?

Australia has just terminated Kevin Rudd as it’s prime minister and replaced him with Julia Gillard as Australia’s first ever female prime minister, but what relevance does that event really have? Invariably the “power brokers” have their way and often one persons political career is ended.

These people of integrity cannot back down, or take a side step. It is not in their making and we have seen that today in Australia as the prime ‘ministership’ changed hands. Continue reading

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Solar Is A Life Saver! More Than You Know!

Simply by capturing five days worth of radiant energy we would provide sufficient energy for the entire world population … and it is entirely conceivable that “cosmic accounting” may indeed be the natural accounting system of our solar system.

Our streets have been ‘paved’ (lit up) with ‘gold’ and we have literally ‘walked on by’ without really giving it a second thought. Continue reading

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Please Please Mr and Mrs Tiger Woods …

When my wife mentioned some weeks ago that divorce bells were ringing for ‘Tiger’ … we both couldn’t help but feel how sad that would be for everyone concerned.

How many ‘opportunities’ to grow as a man or a woman have we allowed to disappear down the stream by making divorce such an easy ‘out’ when a relationship gets tough?The damage bill for our out of integrity … for our indiscretions and lies is enormous and sadly has become accepted, or the norm in society. Continue reading

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Print Your Own Money … Is That What Billionaires Do?

Print Your Own Money … Is That What Billionaires Do? It sounds like a strategy straight out of “Money & You” – a 3 1/2 day business program I participated in some time ago. The program was amazing and it’s … Continue reading

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"What's Money & You"? Ever heard of it?

Well … when I saw the headlines in todays NEWS ( saying “Aussies 30 days from being broke” it reminded me of a three day seminar I participated in fifteen years ago called “Money & You”.

In fact it was my wise mother who introduced me to the course indirectly by sending me a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s first book. No, the book wasn’t Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Continue reading

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