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Where Is ‘Bucky’ Fuller’s Secret Computer?

If you don’t know who Bucky Fuller is then you are in for a treat of incredible proportion. Even Einstein was amazed by him. Einstein said “Young man, you amaze me” when he was first introduced to the young 43 … Continue reading

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Should We Forgive Mike Dillard?

So the question each one of us, including Mike Dillard (and yes I am on his mailing list and get his offers … like his recent offer to follow path 2) is am I fearful of the future and like my ancestors and their ancestors before them I will grab everything I can, and too bad for those that miss out; or have I done enough of my own thinking to see that today ‘anything’ is possible, and indeed we do have more than enough for everyone to live very very well and so it is in-congruent with that belief to grab everything I can … it simply does not work. Continue reading

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“Thank You, Please Forgive Me, I Love You …”

Now I could no more sit in that bumper to bumper traffic for one hour, twice a day (I live only 8 kms from the CBD) than I could fly. But at one time in my life I did just that, and while I didn’t enjoy it it was what I did.

Today I am living a simpler and simpler life, I see things much more clearly … Continue reading

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