Minimum Income of $10,000 a month … is it possible?

If you ignorantly believe that there’s not enough life support available on planet Earth for all humanity, then survival only of the fittest seems self-flatteringly to warrant magna-selfishness. However, it is due only to human beings’ born state of ignorance and the 99.9% invisibility of technological capabilities that they do not recognise the vast abundance of resources available to support all humanity at an omni-high standard of living. – R. Buckminster

refugeesImagine today that everyone over the age of 18 years is now earning or receiving a minimum of $10,000 a month.

This is equivalent to a Gross World Product say of $700 Trillion a year compared to our current GWP (the combined gross national product of all the countries in the world) of nearly $100 Trillion a year, or seven times.

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Competition or Co-operation?

People to go into business to have success, a better lifestyle and hopefully a comfortable retirement.What sort of future are they entering today? Is the future one of competition or is it now that makes the difference?

What is the future of business?

So what is the future of my business?

Most business founders work incredibly hard … often learning new skills they hadn’t thought of before going into business and dealing with change almost every day.

Is there any surprise the majority of businesses fail in the first few years?

Complete this short questionnaire on-line now and find out why this may be happening.

If you are familiar with the Pareto Law, or the 80:20 Law as it is often referred to then you may be in for more than one ‘nasty surprise’ when starting a business. When you understand that 80% of the work goes to 20% of the businesses for instance you can see why some businesses excel and the majority struggle.

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R Buckminster Fuller Born July 12 – He Was Special Like You.

YHP-Bucky-EarningA-Living“Yes, you are Special … every human being is unique and Special”. 

Each one of us has a unique contribution to make in the Universe. That is what R  firmly believed (and many others do too).

Born in 1895 Buckminster Fuller would be celebrating his 120th birthday this year if he were alive. Not that his own longevity was his focus.

He had set himself a huge goal to give his attention to, and that was:

To make the world work for 100 percent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone.

Wow … without ecological damage or disadvantage to another!  Continue reading

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Robots Will Take Our Jobs!

The Australian SBS Insight program recently considered the question “Would you let robots look after or educate your kids?”

Many comments left on their Facebook page were of disbelief, even anger at the very thought of a robot or anyone but a human being given the rite to educate and care for our children. It was undisputed that robots offered many advantages in education and elsewhere. Today’s robots are very easily programmed and it seems almost intuitive. Tasks from picking fruit to delicate and critical surgery are being accomplished now.

insight_robotsOne robotics expert even stated that every job, including teaching jobs could soon be replaced by a robot, and in fact would be replaced in the very near future. This consideration is frightening to many people because of the “unknowns”, and it will happen in our lifetime. The essential aspects then are the protection of children’s and adult’s rites, their health and safety and their enjoyment of life. Continue reading

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What Will Living In 2050 Look Like?

OldManRiverProjectBuckminster Fuller was very accurate in predicting the future that we were living into, and he always designed for ‘optimum livability’ … not just designing to provide living space at a marketable price.

Take the ‘Old Man River’ residential living project that he designed in the 1960’s for St Louise in New Orleans, designed to raise 125,000 people out of the slums … and a project that has only recently been put back on the drawing board. Remember that Fuller was a futurist.

The building comprises:

  • 2500 apartments in one complex
  • all apartments of the surrounding with a view of the surrounding countryside, not their neighbour. The top floors would be perhaps 50 floors high, quite a view!
  • each apartment a very generous 2500 sq ft (approx 250m2)
  • all services, shops, offices, medical centres, hospitals, schools and colleges nearby
  • sporting facilities and an abundance of common space

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“Leverage” – Why Nature Will Survive But We May Not!

Herring_spawning2Herring spawn every year providing an abundant food supply for a wide range of sea-life, many of whom also provide food for animals further up the food chain.

Without the various and abundant spawning (or “leverage”) that occur every year nature would be under even more stress than it is, and would quickly become extinct.

“Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Leverage is one of the Generalised principles that Buckminster Fuller identified, that apply everywhere throughout the Universe at all times, without exception. Leverage has also been described as “technology” and our ability to do more with less, everyday.

So why are so few human beings leveraged, but rather they operate as individuals, separate, and many feel the daily stress or pressure of making a living and surviving, providing for their families and loved ones?

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Entrepreneur or Gladiator? What Are You?

This week in November every year we celebrate Global Entrepreneur Week (GEW), but should that be Global Gladiator Week (GGW)?

On the US website for GEW you can check out the events happening all around the country. I randomly selected Oregon to find only 4 activities listed but zero participants? Further investigation is required to get to the bottom of that one. The hottest states are Pennsylvania with 131 activities, Washington 122, Florida with 73, North Carolina 80 and California with 64. Some states have zero activities registered.

Today jobs are disappearing at an increasing rate as automation and technology find better, faster, more efficient ways of building, growing, designing and making things as well as providing services. One recent report suggested that 1 billion jobs would disappear to automation by 2030.

So obviously if “full employment” is still relevant and necessary (for what reason I’m not sure) then entrepreneurship is going to have to play an enormous role in our future. Many new shared work-spaces are popping up all around the world to provide more cost effective office accommodation and networking opportunities. Continue reading

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Abundance By Design … Yes Bucky Fuller!

An Abundant Future By DesignI remember reading a headline a short while ago from India, and it read “World’s First Billion Dollar Home”. I must admit my disbelief … how could anyone spend one billion dollars building a house, this seemed unimaginable, until I read the number of floors, the ninety plus staff, the two helipads plus plus plus … the description was endless.

Then I thought, was it a typo, they said the home was in India, a third world country, a country where class distinction and even slavery are still very active, where millions of people are crammed into very poor unhealthy conditions, and where clean water, sanitation and education are in very high need! Continue reading

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Abundance From Shared Wealth … The Future Coming At You!

We have been sharing the abundance from cooperation message for a decade or more and it is so refreshing today to be reading a NEW book titled “Redemption – The Cooperation Revolution” by Berny Dohrmann.

BD_sharewealthToday the vast majority of people are concerned at the direction we are headed … at an ever increasing speed.

Our diminishing environment, climate change, the GFC, unemployment, chemical weapons, refugees, millions dieing of hunger, pollution, the health crisis all the result of competition so it seems.

But competition is the way of FREE enterprise you say … or that’s what you were led to believe.

Berny Dohrmann has had a lifetime in BIG business and seen his share of competition, enough to know that competition only leads to destruction and war.

Cooperation on the other hand leads to creativity and abundance.

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How To Network For Success Today!

You may have heard the adage “Your Net-worth is determined by the size of your Network!”

So how do you Network For Success?

Join us on Your Healthy Planet.comObviously I think most people know that it involves building a NETWORK of friends or associates.

I just visited Facebook … and everyone has heard of FB.

Fortunately I have developed a habit now of shooting down the page, checking out a couple of things of interest, “liking” one or two friends articles or pictures and even “sharing” one or two and them and then I close the page.


Because time is one thing you can never get back, and my time is too valuable to spend on a network designed to have energy flow in only one direction; and that direction is usually away from you, the Facebooker, unless you are a PRO.

Networking to be successful must have ENERGY flowing in one or preferably both directions. Sometimes that energy is in the form of “cash” or money!

Everything in the Universe is made up of “Energy”, and it is always moving, transforming …  and some forms, like electrical energy cannot be stored. One of our biggest problems globally is how to maintain electrical energy supply levels right? We receive over 10,000 times as much energy as we need from the Sun alone, but we haven’t managed to capture and distribute it successfully yet, for many different reasons.

Understanding the FACT that leverage” is a GENERALIZED Principle … meaning that leverage occurs everywhere, all the time throughout the Universe.

Now if you are not levered then, you are not aligned with the Universe. You are out of step so to speak and given that the Universe is abundant you will never be truly successful, certainly not to the incredible potential that is now available to you.

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