Why Competition Doesn’t Work Today.

Competition in business doesn’t work today. It hasn’t worked for over forty years, in fact competition is what is causing the demise of humanity at an accelerating and alarming rate, and yet many leaders and politicians continue to push for more and more competition.

Look at any area around the world and you see the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor, you will see more billionaires in Asia (a new economy) than in Europe and yet more poverty, famines and starvation is also occurring.

You will see a global financial system that many analysts say could collapse completely and the actions being taken appear to be ‘band aide’ like.

The truth is the financial system has been a ‘basket case’ for decades now, evidenced by books like Bankrupcy 95′, a book outlining what national bankruptcy will mean for American citizens; and ‘Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changes Everything’ and many more.

Now look at the definition of “competition” and you will see something that is no longer relevant, making competition no longer relevant … Competition arises whenever at least two parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared.”

That is why competition no longer works and why it is bringing about the demise of humanity and life as we have known it. Competition was appropriate and a legitimate way to do business until quite recently.

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Do You Consider Your Health REAL Wealth?

Years ago I read an article that said it will not be aged pensions or ‘super’ funds (lack of funding) that bankrupts developed countries; it would be the inability to fund their health-care systems that would bankrupt countries.

What sort of Australia do you want?

What sort of Australia do you want?

I often read comments like “Your health is your only real wealth” and that makes sense doesn’t it. But does anyone really believe it?

If you lose your health, that’s it, and it often happens very suddenly through heart disease. stroke and many cancers. Everyone knows that overweight and obesity increases a persons likelihood or risk of many preventable diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many cancers and yet, we are seeing overweight and obesity levels continue to rise.

When a country’s wealthiest men and women remain ignorant of the RISK they are facing every day for their own lives and the effect a major illness would have on their families and businesses don’t you start to wonder about their intelligence too?

There is a forty percent (40%) increase in heart disease and stroke in Australia predicted during this decade … meaning that many people will lose their only real wealth, their health during this decade.

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How You Can Prosper From The Growth In NETWORKING …

How do you make money on Your Healthy Planet.com - www.yourhealthyplanet.com

Social Networking is growing FAST and it is fairly obvious with all the media coverage they get. Some of the social networks are worth billions of dollars so we are told.

The age groups on social networks is spreading well into the 60’s and even in their 70’s and 80’s.  The chart below shows Facebook’s growth, but there are many other network groups that are also growing rapidly, and new ones especially in specific interest areas that are growing too.

Growth in Social Networking

Take Your Healthy Planet.com as one example … and it is targeted at people and organisations who are interested in growing a healthy sustainable future.

Many of the philosophies employed in developing Your Healthy Planet.com’s NEW structure and Reward Marketing Plan are based on Buckminster Fuller and the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki.

The short 4 minute video below  is from one of Robert’s recent “live” events that cost thousands to attend, but you can watch hours of it on-line as a member of his “Rich Dad World” site. It’s FREE to join and highly recommended.

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Steve Jobs – What Will Steve Jobs Be Remembered For?

What Will Steve Jobs Be Remembered For?

Steve Jobs will definitely be remembered for some of the most innovative products the twentieth and twenty-first century ever witnessed. My first memory of my introduction to the MacIntosh computer was around 1980 when, as a young engineer I was invited to share in the purchase of a desktop computer.

Steve JobsEach of the four ‘shareholders’ (including one director of the leading national engineering consultancy) had the MacIntosh computer for two days, on a rotating basis.

Fortunately it would mean that once a month you had an entire weekend (or at least one day) to enjoy working and playing on your computer, something Steve Jobs was probably doing every day.

From memory (pardon the pun) the computer had some megabits of hard drive capacity and you stored your information, or back up on a small square ‘floppy disk’.

How times have changed!

I heard not long ago how Steve Jobs Apple iPhone evidently has more computer power than all of the computers used in WWII combined. That is an amazing example of ephemeralization … doing more with less.

When I equipped my home office with a computer it was a MacIntosh, but then the PC was introduced and everyone seemed to be buying them and so the MacIntosh was moved into the family room. I think Steve Jobs would have approved, maybe?

I can still see my two and a half year old son … he had eaten breakfast, and he would move to the MacIntosh and start playing games. While it was a relatively simply game that he chose, what I recall is that we actually only showed him a little bit about how to play it. From then on we simply switched it on and he started to play.

He learned by making mistakes, trying something different and I was amazed how quickly he mastered the game.

So What Will Steve Jobs Be Remembered For?

I wonder if that’s what Steve Jobs did as a young person …and as a young adult Steve Jobs.

Did someone, somehow let Steve Jobs make lots of mistakes, and become a modern day master innovator?

One of my mentors, and the person whose philosophies are behind Your Healthy Planet.com is R Buckminster Fuller who also made many many mistakes.

Here is one of his most notable quotes:

Most of my advances were by mistake. You uncover what is when you get rid of what isn’t. — R. Buckminster Fuller

I personally do not believe Steve Jobs will be remembered for making many many mistakes, but rather he will be remembered for his contributions to people’s lives all around our beautiful planet.

Who do you know that is making a difference?

If you know of people who also make positive contributions locally, nationally or even globally please invite them to consider sharing their idea, their product or service with the world on Your Healthy Planet.com … creating a world that works for everyone!

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Where Is ‘Bucky’ Fuller’s Secret Computer?

If you don’t know who Bucky Fuller is then you are in for a treat of incredible proportion. Even Einstein was amazed by him.

Einstein said “Young man, you amaze me” when he was first introduced to the young 43 year old Buckminster Fuller in 1938.

‘Bucky’, as he liked to be called, had written an article “E=mc2=Mrs Murphy’s Horse-power” and wanted to have the essay published in his first book, “Ten Chains To The Moon”. But there was a problem. The publishers could not find Fuller’s name on the list of people authorized to speak on Einstein’s discoveries and so were not willing to publish the piece.

Fuller simply suggested that the publishers send a copy of the article to Einstein for his approval, and so they did. Months later Einstein invited Fuller to meet with his and that is when he said “Young man, you amaze me. I never thought anyone would find any practical use of my science.”

Sadly, the first practical use that Einstein’s discover was put to was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan which ended World War II, and caused devastating loss of life and decades and decades of suffering, both human and environmental.

Fuller was not your typical academic, research scientist or entrepreneur. Continue reading

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How Far ‘Off-Track’ Are We … ?

How Far ‘Off-Track’ Are We … ?

America is trying to avert it’s most serious challenge in it’s short financial history … short in comparison to any European country or the history of our world but can they do it? Can they and the rest of the leading economic ‘powers’ bring us back on track in time?

One of America’s greatest achievements is said to have been landing a man on the moon and bringing him back to Earth safely.  

That event was declared by President John Kennedy in May, 1961 …

“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important in the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.” — J.F.Kennedy

Interestingly R Buckminster Fuller said that children born after man walked on the moon were no longer limited in what their parents knew was possible … they were provided with a new frontier.

Fuller was also confident that our role as human beings was to become a physical success for 100% of humanity, and he believed just like the United States said they would put a man on the moon and return him safely to the Earth within ten short years (and they did), that we could achieve physical success for 100% of humanity within the same time frame … ten short years.

Increase in US Debt 1950 to 2010Evidently it took a lot of money to successfully complete the first moon landing with Apollo 11 … something that President Eisenhower may not have proceeded with due to his ambivalence towards manned space flight.

At the time of Kennedy’s speech, only one American had flown in space—less than a month earlier—and NASA had not yet sent an astronaut into orbit. (see more)

This massive undertaking was done on pure faith … and a ‘knowing’ that humans can achieve miracles.

Kennedy had even come close to agreeing to enter a cooperative joint venture with the Russians to avoid a duplication of effort.

Imagine the enormous savings that would have resulted, and a possible new future of cooperation rather than wasteful competition!

On the left here is a chart of US Debt accumulation and it’s percentage of GDP from 1950 to 2010.

While debt remained relatively stable until the early 1970’s the United States ability to repay it’s debt was getting better and better almost every year.

At that point … the mid 1970’s the US could practically have returned to a surplus (i.e. no National debt) very quickly but instead spending took off, and as you can see appears to have been “out of control”.

Only in the 1990’s … under President Clinton did the debt / GDP ratio significantly reduce, but then it took off again.

Looking at this graph it sure looks like an enormous ‘party’ was going on and no one was at the helm.

In Europe similar scenes have been experienced over recent months with ‘bailouts’ and concessions being made to ensure that the current financial agreements can remain in place and be serviced. The most unhappy or concerned people are those who were about to retire and have been told they need to work a few more years; and those whose retirement benefits have been seriously eroded over the past four or five years. Some by as much as fifty percent.

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It Is Amazing Dick Smith Doesn’t Understand Technology!

It Is Amazing That Dick Smith Doesn’t Understand Technology!

And if Dick Smith doesn’t understand what technology is, what chance does the average person have to enjoy the abundance that technology is capable of providing for everyone?

People of prominence such as Dick Smith can easily get their opinions aired and even sway influence over others. In this area Dick Smith has a new cause to give his time to … to prevent Australia becoming over-populated. In his recent interview on the ABC he expressed his strong concern at our continued need for growth in the economy, something that founding the Dick Smith empire was a part of.

But that was then, and now is now … said Dick Smith.

Scarcity ceased around 1970.






In that interview Dick Smith admits to being a selfish person. He is not the only selfish one amongst the twenty percent of our world’s population that consumes 80% of our wealth each year. Four hundred children die of hunger every hour Dick Smith, not because of over population … because of “un-evident selfishness”.

Un-evident selfishness is a term Buckminster Fuller used to define people who appear to be caring, indeed they often are highly respected and donate to various charitable causes but behind the facade they are interested only in themselves. The only reason someone would behave this way today, in the 21st Century is because they do not understand “technology”.

Fact - We now have abundance!







Mmmmm … is the “fear” of overcrowding and “selfishness” related? I propose they are, especially when the person, Dick Smith in this case has no understanding of technology.

That certainly appears amazing that Dick Smith would not know what technology is, given he is the founder of Dick Smith Electronics stores.

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Who Said “Politicians Are Dumb”?

Who Said “Politicians Are Dumb”?

My wife just said “You can’t say that, you can’t say politicians are dumb“, and I replied “I’m not saying that, I am asking a question … WHO SAID POLITICIANS ARE DUMB?”

You might be saying “I think they’re all dumb”, or … “Isn’t it obvious?”

Everyone has an opinion, right!

Yes they do … so who do we listen to?

What if the person who said this was a man awarded the Freedom Medal (highest civilian award in USA), nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, published 23 books, was a notable engineer, architect, design scientist and philosopher … and a man Einstein said he was “amazed by”?

He was also thrown out of Harvard twice, and yet during his life was awarded 42 honorary doctorates! He even came back to Harvard as a professor at one stage?

So, who was the man who said politicians are dumb?

R Buckminster Fuller was certainly one person critical of politicians low intelligence.

He was also aware that political lobbying and multi-million dollar (now billion dollar) corporate backing that occurs all around the world makes politics “fundamentally corruptible”. Fuller believed that whenever large sums of money become involved corruption is inevitable. Many sporting bodies have suffered a similar fate … right up to the organizing committees for the Olympic Games and World Cup soccer competitions.

Fuller also said the, “The end move in politics is always to pick up a gun.”

At the time of his death in 1983 Buckminster Fuller had a personal following of around 500 million, mainly young people, who had been to one of his lectures and at least for a time had their eyes opened. Many were in countries outside of the United States including Russia, China and India.

One of Fuller’s analogies given in “Critical Path” (C1983) is that we had some 150 captains all trying to steer the ‘ship’ and those on the port side were doing their best to list the ship and drown those on the starboard side, who were also trying to do the same to them, and eventually the ship ran out of supplies and they all perished. 

“We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.” — R. Buckminster Fuller

It is time everyone considers themselves a member of planet Earth … call it Spaceship Earth as Bucky Fuller did if you like, the important thing is that there are no separate places on Earth. We are all here together and the sooner we do as much as we can individually to ensure the success of everyone, the sooner our man made ‘crisis’ will disappear and  utopia will arrive.

Your Healthy Planet.com is a social enterprise that has a structure to allow individuals, businesses and organizations around the world to work together locally and globally. With a context of abundance the only possible outcome is an abundant lifestyle for everyone.

Utopia is the only option for humanity … has any politician realized this yet?


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Your Healthy Planet.com Welcomes GENI Foundation

A BIG warm welcome to GENI Foundation who have come on-board Your Healthy Planet as a National Alliance Sponsor in Australia. It’s very appropriate to welcome GENI Foundation and to have the opportunity to support their mission further as GENI has, in many ways had a hand in the formulation of Your Healthy Planet.

Some time before 1986 the founder of GENI, Peter Miesen sat in a lecture given by R Buckminster Fuller (c1895 – 1983) in which ‘Bucky’ Fuller shared his idea of a Global Electric Energy Grid as the number one priority to solve many of the world’s most pressing problems.

GENI Foundation Peter took on the challenge to bring Bucky Fuller’s dream into reality … and over the past twenty five years has made this his life’s purpose.

Details of GENI’s amazing achievements can be found on the websites above and additional opportunities are also there to support this mission.

What makes GENI’s ‘model’ so powerful is the interconnectedness and common purpose … the connection of electrical power grids between countries and continents with an emphasis on tapping remote renewable energy sources.

“The problems of humanity threaten each of us — yet our ignorance makes us believe that somehow we can remain immune. That just isn’t so. The critical issues we face; poverty, pollution, population growth and proliferation of nuclear weapons, have time frames much longer than any political term of office. These problems are interconnected, which suggests that the solutions will also be interconnected. We need more comprehensive thinking and long-range global planning. I invite you to investigate The GENI Initiative as I have. It offers hope for all humanity.” — Walter Cronkite

At Your Healthy Planet we have provided a new structure to interconnect individuals, businesses, groups and organizations whose common purpose is enhancing our survivability on this planet, and we do this by focusing on the healthy, green, sustainable aspects of our member’s products and services that are promoted through the Ethical Marketplace.

The synergy from bringing together thousands, and millions or separate individuals and organizations is much much more than the sum of our individual efforts, and indeed the result is unpredictable … in a very beautiful way.

John Denver referred to Buckminster Fuller as the Grandfather of the Future and I feel he was right on the mark.

We own an enormous debt to Bucky.

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PRESS RELEASE … “Your Healthy Planet is here and finally goes LIVE.”

“Your Healthy Planet is here and finally goes LIVE.”

March 31st 2011

Media Contact: Alex Sprunt
Tel: +61 2 8006 0152
Email: admin@yourhealthyplanet.com
Web: http://www.yourhealthyplanet.com

A journey of almost thirteen years is now only just beginning.

The seed for Your Healthy Planet.com™ was sown in 1993 when entrepreneur and author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series Robert Kiyosaki, handed Founder and CEO Alex Sprunt a small white card with these words written on it … “Be A Millionaire For World Peace”.

These six words have lived with Alex ever since, and with his passion for good health and the environment helped create what is perhaps the world’s first member’s club and ethical marketplace … based on the principles used in nature, with a context of abundance.

In 1952, the year Alex was born, a man named R. Buckminster Fuller announced that human beings had, for the first time in history reached the point where we now had sufficient resources and know how to feed, cloth and house every person on-board this planet at a very high standard of living.

Buckminster Fuller was a futurist, comprehensive design scientist, an engineer, architect, philosopher and one of our first environmentalists. It took a group of some 1500 eminent scientists another eighteen years, until 1971 to prove Fuller was indeed correct.

The significance of this point in history is profound. Most people today are simply not aware of the fact that there is more than enough for everyone, and therefore no logical reason to compete anymore.

Fuller believed that letting everyone on earth know this was the most important message to convey to people. Competing for so called ‘scarce’ resources is destroying our planet and costing tens of thousands of lives every day.

In 1980 Fuller described the world’s population as being made up of  “4.7 billion potential billionaires, most of whom are not aware of their good fortune”.

This ‘good fortune’ has been bought about by ‘technology’, which is providing breakthrough after breakthrough … meaning we have the ability to “do more with less” everyday. So why is the vast majority of the world’s population working harder now than ever before?

It simply makes no sense, unless we are ignorantly maintaining a belief that there is not enough for everyone, so we must therefore compete against our neighbour for our share of these supposedly scarce resources.

Buckminster Fuller is also responsible for the concept of “synergy”, or the benefits available from working together. Its underlying proposition is that the whole has properties greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the properties of its parts.

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