Steve Jobs – What Will Steve Jobs Be Remembered For?

What Will Steve Jobs Be Remembered For?

Steve Jobs will definitely be remembered for some of the most innovative products the twentieth and twenty-first century ever witnessed. My first memory of my introduction to the MacIntosh computer was around 1980 when, as a young engineer I was invited to share in the purchase of a desktop computer.

Steve JobsEach of the four ‘shareholders’ (including one director of the leading national engineering consultancy) had the MacIntosh computer for two days, on a rotating basis.

Fortunately it would mean that once a month you had an entire weekend (or at least one day) to enjoy working and playing on your computer, something Steve Jobs was probably doing every day.

From memory (pardon the pun) the computer had some megabits of hard drive capacity and you stored your information, or back up on a small square ‘floppy disk’.

How times have changed!

I heard not long ago how Steve Jobs Apple iPhone evidently has more computer power than all of the computers used in WWII combined. That is an amazing example of ephemeralization … doing more with less.

When I equipped my home office with a computer it was a MacIntosh, but then the PC was introduced and everyone seemed to be buying them and so the MacIntosh was moved into the family room. I think Steve Jobs would have approved, maybe?

I can still see my two and a half year old son … he had eaten breakfast, and he would move to the MacIntosh and start playing games. While it was a relatively simply game that he chose, what I recall is that we actually only showed him a little bit about how to play it. From then on we simply switched it on and he started to play.

He learned by making mistakes, trying something different and I was amazed how quickly he mastered the game.

So What Will Steve Jobs Be Remembered For?

I wonder if that’s what Steve Jobs did as a young person …and as a young adult Steve Jobs.

Did someone, somehow let Steve Jobs make lots of mistakes, and become a modern day master innovator?

One of my mentors, and the person whose philosophies are behind Your Healthy is R Buckminster Fuller who also made many many mistakes.

Here is one of his most notable quotes:

Most of my advances were by mistake. You uncover what is when you get rid of what isn’t. — R. Buckminster Fuller

I personally do not believe Steve Jobs will be remembered for making many many mistakes, but rather he will be remembered for his contributions to people’s lives all around our beautiful planet.

Who do you know that is making a difference?

If you know of people who also make positive contributions locally, nationally or even globally please invite them to consider sharing their idea, their product or service with the world on Your Healthy … creating a world that works for everyone!

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