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How To Network For Success Today!

You may have heard the adage “Your Net-worth is determined by the size of your Network!” So how do you Network For Success? Obviously I think most people know that it involves building a NETWORK of friends or associates. I … Continue reading

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Facebook … A New "BarnYard", But Not One For Billionaires!

So my strategy with Facebook and I do enjoy the part of catching up with family goings on, is that I now logon, have a look round and then log off.

I am staggered how much time some people spend on Facebook … it’s now the Web’s Ultimate TIME SINK … and it’s growing by the month. Continue reading

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How Leveraged is Tiger Woods?

Ordinary people are succeeding BIG, and while they may not become billionaires they are certainly reaching the multi-millionaire stakes in a matter of years. “LEVERAGE” – is something you definitely need if you want to become wealthy, and networking or more accurately network marketing can provide enormous leverage. But it is not the only way to leverage. Continue reading

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