Now What Do We Mean By 10 Billion Billionaires?

moneyFirstly … you need to understand that enormous wealth and an amazingly high standard of living is possible for everyone on Earth … without us needing to live on the moon, travel to Mars or take away from any other human being or damage our environment. Our incredible advances in technology (i.e. our ability to do more with less resources and energy) and it’s continuing acceleration of improvements has made an ABUNDANT future possible.

Secondly, it’s a game based on the philosophies of R Buckminster Fuller… acknowledged as a great American and one of the most important humans of the 20th Century. Much of what he forecast 30 years ago or more is now entering the consciousness of many people, and yet we are still having to deal with the fundamental question that ‘Bucky’ put, back then in the 1980’s …

Bucky Fuller knew we could ALL make it successfully if we worked together.“If Success or Failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do …

How would I be?


Are you responsible for the success or failure of our planet and all 7 billion people? Are you?

If your answer to the question is “no” then chances are we’ve got a way to go before you and everyone else on planet Earth can enjoy the ‘lifestyle of a billionaire’. That’s what R Buckminster Fuller believed is possible for us as soon as we stop fighting and focus on living.

Bucky used the term “killingry” to describe the massive military/ armaments/ munitions/ covert ops/ government setup designed to maintain a fear based society of separate human beings.

With over 80% of the world’s wealth controlled by less than 1% of humanity it’s conceivable that there exists a vested interest. Bucky’s last book titled “GRUNCH – Gross Universal Cash Heist” is a must read.

These are not bad people … but we have allowed corporations to grow beyond multinational to conglomerate and given them the equal rites of human beings, except they only have a sworn allegiance to ‘making a profit’.

Bucky coined the term “livingry” to describe all artifacts that help sustain life for everyone and all life forms on planet Earth.

In 1971 and after the successful completion of a manned lunar mission by the USA a group of eminent scientists concluded, for the first time in human history that we now had the know how and the capability to adequately provide for everyone on planet Earth with a high level of shelter, food and clothing, higher than anyone has ever experienced.

Scarcity or a lack of basic human necessities ceased to exist around 1971 … and yet TODAY almost 25,000 men, women and children die EACH DAY of hunger and preventable diseases. 15,000 children die of hunger and preventable disease every day, unnecessarily.

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