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We are really delighted you are interested in becoming a ‘Billionaire for World Peace’. Imagine being able to fully enjoy our beautiful small  planet earth without disadvantaging anyone or anything!

It’s an incredibly exciting possibility and is very very real. It is the possibility that R Buckminster Fuller saw for humanity once we started to work together rather than being separate and continuing to fight. The button to download your ‘FREE Report’ is located towards the bottom of this page.

10 Billion is the marketing blog of  Your Healthy Planet and we are attracting people with leadership qualities that are necessary to ensure the future we are creating is healthy, vibrant, full of fun and abundance and diversity of life.

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R Buckminster Fuller was very clear about how he saw the future unfolding, and 50 of his 52 predictions have evidently come true. One of his predictions, a world where we all get to enjoy this planet fully, living a billionaire’s lifestyle has not been realized yet. It’s our job to make it happen.


Enjoy the articles and visit to learn as much as you can about Buckminster Fuller and his ground breaking work.

Purchase some of ‘Bucky’ Fuller’s books and read them …

Bucky Fuller’s books take a little getting used to but they are absolutely worth the time and the effort. You can read Bucky’s last book titled GRUNCH, Gross Universal Cash Heist online at and you can also purchase many of Fuller’s books there, or on

Buckminster Fuller was one of the very first environmentalists. In the 1930s he started his own publication called ‘Shelter’ which was very successful. One article he published in 1933 was about pollution and showed photographs of black smoke rising from the many factories. Even the learned knew very little about pollution back then.

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Almost two decades ago I was invited to become ‘A Millionaire For World Peace’.

Now, the small card means very little, but the words on the back that I agreed to have made an enormous difference to my attitude to life.

On the back of the card it says: “To Always GO FOR IT … Being of value to ALL Humans, Striving to always add more value, Maintaining my millionaire’s passbook, Tithing … “I give what I want”, and Daring courageously.”

Take on some of these qualities and have fun with them. See what a difference you can make in the world.

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