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Please Please Mr and Mrs Tiger Woods …

When my wife mentioned some weeks ago that divorce bells were ringing for ‘Tiger’ … we both couldn’t help but feel how sad that would be for everyone concerned.

How many ‘opportunities’ to grow as a man or a woman have we allowed to disappear down the stream by making divorce such an easy ‘out’ when a relationship gets tough?The damage bill for our out of integrity … for our indiscretions and lies is enormous and sadly has become accepted, or the norm in society. Continue reading

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How Leveraged is Tiger Woods?

Ordinary people are succeeding BIG, and while they may not become billionaires they are certainly reaching the multi-millionaire stakes in a matter of years. “LEVERAGE” – is something you definitely need if you want to become wealthy, and networking or more accurately network marketing can provide enormous leverage. But it is not the only way to leverage. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods a Billionaire? That's 'LEVERAGE' …

Every time Tiger helps another sporting brand increase their sales he is rewarded with an increase in royalties … and every time my mentor or I help another person increase their income we are similarly rewarded with higher royalties. You could say “It’s the name of the game.”

The word “royalties” isn’t used that often among people earning a living through their JOB. They can of course start to develop a part-time royalty income while they have the security of their job; and that is the exact recommendation given by author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. Continue reading

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