Don’t Read Robert Kiyosaki’s Book Until Your Read This!

Don’t Read Robert Kiyosaki’s Book Until Your Read This!

Robert Kiyosaki, almost billionaire businessman and author of the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ business and economics books is writing a new book titled “Conspiracy of the Rich”. The introduction and first two chapters are available to read online and to comment on if you wish.

You can click here or go to and then select “Read the book” to get immediate access.

You will immediately notice it mentions the Eight New Rules of Money, and you’ll need to read Robert’s book to learn about those. That’s not what we’re discussing here.

One point Robert hits on is that if education was doing its job then America and the entire world wouldn’t have just suffered another massive financial crash. Robert is a strong advocate by the sounds of it of Obama’s plan to invest heavily in educating Americans for the future.

In the early chapters (only Chapters 1 and 2 available to date) Robert reflects back to 1983 when he first read R Bucminster Fuller’s last book titled “GRUNCH of Giants”.

GRUNCH is an acranim for GRoss UNiversal Cash Heist …

‘Bucky was truly ahead of his time and everyone should be reading and studying this book, together with A Critical Path. You could say that Bucky was recommending we all develop our financial intelligence twenty to thirty years ago by understanding what has happened in the past, and what opportunities we have to make a difference today.

It was Bucky who proposed ending hunger and poverty by the year 2000 (not achieved) when he, the late John Denver and Werner Erhard created The Hunger Project, and he saw a future of 10 billion billionaires as a possibility, once we see that we can all work together.

This possibility itself is not present for many people yet, and with headlines in the NEWS of US & China military talks etc … it will certainly take something by each of us.

But how much education does a person really need today?

Where do they get a valuable education from? Is it from schools, from the library, from our parents or from life in general?

What will they be educated in?

Here’s a quote from master business philosopher Jim Rohn, who says: A formal education will get you a job. Self education will make you rich.”

And can you trust that the educators have your interests at heart? You may not enjoy what Robert has to say about this.

Perhaps even more importantly, will the education you get set you free, or will it be tying you even more to your job?

A decade or more ago I was in a classroom lead by Robert Kiyosaki, in fact I’ve been in many of his classrooms and admire him enormously, and part of the discussion was about the four or five fastest growing industries at the time.

I recall National Freight Railways was one of them, Oil and Gas Industry, the IT Industry and Education was I believe number four.

I just searched for ‘fastest growth industries today’ and on the Fortune 500, 2008 results found that Education isn’t even listed. That seems strange to me given that many people I know are doing some form of education, many of them part-time to enter another industry, to gain some formal qualifications, or to add to their existing qualifications.

In my formal education I am a qualified Civil Engineer and Risk Manager.

I spent some 15 years as an engineer and ended my ‘formal engineering’ career as a director of a risk engineering practice. Risk engineering or risk management is becoming a compulsory part of most engineering, and perhaps architecture degrees around the world.

Risk engineering is the technical aspect of risk management and originates from the aeronautical and space industries and was then heavily applied to the petrochemical industry to minimize or prevent accidents.

My father, like Robert’s father spent his working lifetime as an educator in the state education system. I’m also married to an holistic Steiner trained teacher whose mother brother and one sister are also teachers.

With so much emphasis on education and with people not living the lives of their dreams yet, Robert Kiyosaki probably has a very valid point about there being a “conspiracy of the rich” to keep us ‘dumbed down’ and obedient.

You will see that Robert shares a little about John Taylor Gatto who was NY City teacher of the year three times and NY State teacher of the year once, before he resigned in protest at the state of education in America.

Before I ask my question which is directed at the wisdom of investing massive sums of money in more or better education, here’s a small bit of information that can make an enormous difference to the outcome, and it comes from the area of risk management …

For the vast majority of problems that we confront we have three (3) types of control measures that will affect the outcome of the problem if and when it occurs.

We have an engineered solution which is usually around 99 to 100% successful in eliminating the problem but usually has the highest capital cost.

Then we have an administrative solution such as applies with laws and rules etc. These are around 20 to 30% effective and have moderate costs such as policing etc.

Finally we have education, as a control method and although this is the lowest cost measure it has a success rate of 5 to 10%, but often even lower.

Say the problem we are faced with is a quite narrow but very deep crevasse. If we build a small bridge across it with handrails then people will get from one side to the other safely. This is an engineered solution and 100% effective.

We could pass a law that made it illegal for people to attempt to jump across the crevasse, and we could place a sign there and station a policeman. Rather than having a once off capital cost and a small maintenance cost to maintain a bridge, we now have a significant ongoing cost to place a policeman and also complete reports etc.  Those people who disobey and attempt to jump may or may not survive.

Finally we educate the towns people that the correct way to get from one side of the crevasse to the other is very simple and it is that they travel the 5kms up to the area where the crevasse stops and effectively they walk around the crevasse. We will hold regular trial walks with new towns people and with young people to educate them in the correct way to get to the other side. In this case there is no sign, no policeman and no bridge. How many people will still attempt to jump the crevasse?

Does education actually work or are we simply investing good money after bad because we don’t know what else to do?

Well Bucky knew what we should do and he puts it very simply.

We need a design revolution, one that transforms our environments which will transform our behavior and who we are being. Rather than the majority of people being upset, angry, dissappointed, frustrated and more we can design an environment where people will be enlivened, excited, passionate, free, happy and in love with life.

This current financial crash has provided the entire world with an opportunity to STOP, and to ask themselves:   “If success or failure of this planet, and of human beings depends on how I am and what I do …  How would I be. And What Would I Do?”

Sure, it would be nice if education did work and if everyone came out of the system with a sound financial training to help them succeed.

But, who are these GIANTS again? I read that we can’t even see them, that they are invisible and also protected by the law?

Let’s start a design revolution TODAY.

What if we paid you $1,000 per day to stay at home and to work on a project that made a positive contribution to other people locally, and / or globally.

At Your Healthy that is exactly what we want to do … and if you already have a healthy, green and / or sustainable business, club or organisation then we’d like to add another $1,000 a day to your current earnings to help you do an even better job.

Sound far fetched?

Actually we probably should be paying you around $4,000 a day now and the economy would still florish.

Buckminster Fuller proposed that 70% of all Americans who produced no real wealth could stay home and be paid $1,000 per day to do nothing. He said the US economy (and the global economy) would be better off because these people are in fact placing an enormous burden on society by traveling to and from work.

This opens up another entirely separate conversation about whether or not people today actually need to work 35 or 40 hours a week, or has technology reached a level where we could all be working just 20 hours a week, or could mothers for instance be able to stay at home and nurture her children.

Are we designing a future where we are free … or are we letting a few powerful people design a future with us as slaves? Bucky was very clear that we are slaves at present.

Enjoy all of the books, Kiyosaki’s and Bucky’s books.

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