Will You Survive 12 Months Without Working … ??

I’m one of many ‘Baby Boomers’ considering retirement or already there. My father lived through the Great Depression and was in the RAAF during the WWII. He built his own house and lived in it for 60 years. Dad had one job with a state government department for his entire working career, something hard to believe today. His income was sufficient, but we were not wealthy. He retired at age 59 with good superannuation and had no real financial concerns. He lived to the age of 90.

What is your score?

Fast forward to today, and you are expected to have around six to twelve career changes, (I had six changes to date).

Now we are living in an unforeseen period of time for most people on Earth, with a global pandemic and possibly severe financial hardships to follow.

According to Sociologists Dennis Gilbert, William Thompson and Joseph Hickey roughly 15% of the population of the world are upper middle class and are dealing with the virus situation reasonably well. Grave fears are held if the virus moves into some third world countries and is not contained.

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Ray Dalio Says Capitalism & The System Are Broken!

  • 6pcs Cloth Pads in 5 Sizes: Each set cloth menstrual pads including 6 pack cloth panty liners. Wegreeco feminine Pads for Women are available in 5 sizes. Extra Small size length 5.3 in, wing span 5.9 in, Small size length 7.8 in, wing span 7 in, Middle size length 10 in, wing span 7 in, Large size length 11.6 in, wing span 7.5 in, Extra Large size length 13.7 in, wing span 7.7 inch.
  • Breathable Cotton and Bamboo Layer: Cloth panty liners structure differ depending on the size. Menstrual cloth pads Inner layer is ultra-soft cotton which lays against your skin, moistures wicking, and neutralizes odor. Lining layer is super-absorbent bamboo amp; cotton, and different sizes the layers are different. Outshell layer is leak-free TPU with backside silicon dot. The soft and gentle reusable sanitary pads offer great coverage and absorbency to keep you from any leaks and spills.
  • Non-slip Design: Non-slip silicone dots cover the entire leak-free side that sit against underwear to keep cloth sanitary pads stay in place well. Two snaps design for better fasten the pads around your thin panties and make washable menstrual pad more firmly. Change panty liner every 2-6 hours or as needed. It is normal for some silicon dots come off after washes.
  • Multi-Purpose Panty Liners: Our washable pads menstrual are ideal as period panties, postnatal maternity pads or washable light flow cloth urinary incontinence pads for teens, women and men. Great for travel, indoor and outdoor, exercise, or daily use. Washable pads menstrual coming with a leak-free PUL wet bag, the handle with snap is easy for you to carry or hang everywhere. Just use or wash, fold it, nobody will know what it is, no more embarrassing.
  • Zero Waste Life Style: Average menstruator will use up to 16,000 disposable pads and tampons to landfills, and menstruating costs women around EUR18,000 over their lifetime. Switching to reusable cloth pads, lessening thousands of tons of sanitary waste around the world each month – it takes 500-800 years to solve a disposable! Doing your part and switching to wegreeco reusable menstrual pads will greatly help to our earth.

Product Description

reusable padsreusable pads

The average menstruator will send up to 16,000 disposable pads, pantyliners, and tampons to landfills, menstruating takes women around EUR 18,000 over their lifetime, switching to reusable cloth pads, lessening thousands of tons of sanitary waste around the world each month – it takes 500-800 years to solve a disposable! We devote to inspire our customers to embrace more positive and informed relationships with their bodies and our Earth. Reusable panty liners are better to our planet and wallet.

Cotton Cloth Pads for Period: Cotton is much softer and breathable, which helps your skin to breathe. You would love the zero feel experience, and won't realize that you are wearing mama cloth at all. No more worry for the discomfort like irritation, rashes and itching and odors from disposable sanitary pads. You will experience much freshness, relax and freely enjoy your daily life, sports, and sedentary sitting.

charcoal menstrual pads"noscript"charcoal menstrual pads

Considerate Five Sizes Available

Wegreeco cloth pads for women are available in 5 sizes, which are great for day and night time use. They are ideal for menstrual cycle, postnatal bleeding, vaginal discharge, light incontinence, and they also can combination with menstrual cups. A big surprise for friends, girlfriend, wife and family members.

Different Sizes, Different Absorption

Cloth menstrual pads structure differ depending on the sizes. Multiple layers cotton and bamboo bring you no feeling of moisture and odor neutralizing, so you feel dry and comfortable whole day. Washable pads menstrual precise stitches make reusable pads could last for up to 3 years, no more concerns and emergency.

Simple and Elegant Colors

The elegance colors make the stains less visible and you will have a beautiful view in your underwear. Washable menstrual pads help girls amp; women experience more comfortable amp; enjoyable menstrual cycles while keeping you calm. They also can work as washable incontinence pads for babies, teenagers, women, men and elder adult with light incontinence. Cloth incontinence pads help you handle special situations with ease and confidence in your daily life, no more awkwardness at all.

Sanitary Napkin Storage Bag

Reusable feminine pads come in a discreet leak-free PUL lovely and colorful wet bag, which make it more convenient for you to the bathroom. Wrap the reusable panty liners into the shape of envelope and snaps buttons, then put them into the mini wet bag, simply use or wash, unfold it, nobody will know what's inside, no more embarrassing. The handle with snap is easy to carry or hang everywhere. Ideal as period pads, postpartum pads cloth, reusable cloth urinary pads or women and men reusable incontinence pads.

bamboo menstrual padsbamboo menstrual pads

Upgrade Version

Non-slip soft silicon dots make sure the cotton washable menstrual pads stay firmly so that you can move without worrying about slipping. And you can perform your yoga, dance and ballet at ease.

Easy to Wear

  • Simply wrap reusable panty liner wings around panty gusset with outer side facing down and adjust the snaps to better fit. The menstrual cloth pad conforms to your body for great fit.
  • Please change the feminine reusable pads after 2-4 hours or as needed to feel comfortable. The time you change washable pads menstrual is as often as you change a disposable pad. You need to check the reusable cotton panty liners to visually see how saturated it is. Like a disposable pad, if a menstrual reusable pad becomes fully saturated, it may leak.

Easy to Wash

  • Wash menstrual pad cloth one or two times before first using. Cotton become softer and softer, and the absorption rate become higher.
  • Soak and pre-rinse in cold water, tumble dry low or line dry after hand or machine washing in cold water. Air drying is recommended.
  • Do not use softener and do not boil or iron reusable cloth pads menstrual, this may affect the absorbency and leak-free function of cloth menstrual pad material.
  • We would suggest you put your reusable cloth menstrual pads in a laundry bag. This will keep reusable cloth pads from getting seams damaged.
cloth panty liners for womencloth panty liners for women

Two Flexible Snaps

Two adjustable snaps closure are on the panty liners for women wings in order to be fixed to the underwear. The button snaps are easy to open and close. We recommend you to try different type of underwear to find out which type suit reusable period pads better. Adjustable snaps closure keep off shifting, and allows you to move freely. Ideal for travel, exercise, or daily use.

Three Kinds of Ultra-soft Fabrics

wegreeco panty liners are made from three different material, so they are designed to make sure leak-free periods: Inner layer cotton for its softness and odor control, bamboo fiber for super absorption, and outer printed cloth PUL allows air to flow through while keeping off liquid leaks and spills. Strong absorption of menstrual blood, urine or lochia and dry quickly. Upgrade full coverage design offers great coverage and absorbency. You will feel comfortable with the thin fabric whole day and for years.

The Absorption of Reusable Pantiliners Is Depending on the Size

  • Size XS, S and M reusable sanitary pads are suitable for lighter flow.
  • Size L and XL menstrual pads cloth are suitable for a heavier flow. For the first days of the period, on heavy days and overnight or light incontinence, we advice size L and XL cloth pads for women heavy flow. Five kinds of sizes and thickness suitable for Mama, Girl, Maiden.

Use the shorter pads during the day and switch to longer styles for overnight, or for extra coverage on heavy days. Cloth pads menstrual are incredibly soft, thin and invisible when wear. Size X-Small reusable sanitary pads work great as thong panty liners.

reusable menstrual pad thinreusable menstrual pad thin
cloth menstrual pads makeup remover pads nursing pad reusable female dog diapers male belly wraps cloth diapers boys
Reusable Sanitary Pads Makeup Remover Pads Reusable Nursing Pads Female Dog Diapers Male Belly Wraps Baby Pocket Diapers
Package Content Pack of 6 Pack of 16 Pack of 14 Pack of 3 Pack of 3 Pack of 6
Target Customers Girls/Women/Elders Girls/Women/Babies/Pets Nursing Moms Female Dogs/Cats/Rabbits Male Dogs/Cats/Rabbits Babies
Size XS/S/M/L/XL One Size S/M/L/XL S/M/L/XL/XXL XXS/XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL One Size
Color Cheerful Patterns Available Cheerful Patterns Available Cheerful Patterns Available Cheerful Patterns Available Cheerful Patterns Available Cheerful Patterns Available
Daytime Use ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Nighttime Use ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Absorbency ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Ray Dalio, billionaire hedge fund manager and the 58th most wealthy person on Earth (according to Forbes Rich List 2019) says that America’s capitalist system is broken! He says that the wealth gap and equal opportunities are not being addressed.

He says we need to come together, and we need to engineer the coming together. He says it is necessary! Could he be right?

It should be ringing alarm bells that many of our most influential and powerful men and women all around the planet are so far behind in their thinking. Buckminster Fuller was saying this and a lot more around 70 years ago. It was obvious to ‘Bucky’ and others then that we already had the technology or the know how to provide a high standard of living for everyone on Earth, without pollution and environmental degradation. Without subjugation and corruption …

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Jeff Bridges Wins Award And Shares the Trim tab Effect

Actor and activist Jeff Bridges received the Cecil B. DeMille award at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards for his distinguished acting career and was very grateful. After thanking his wife of 45 years, his colleagues, family and friends he thanked a man who had nothing to do with his acting career.

Jeff Bridges spent around 2 minutes thanking a man who died nearly 40 years ago, a man considered to be one of the most important human beings of the 20th Century; an American engineer, architect, inventor and philosopher that few people have heard of, Mr R Buckminster Fuller, or ‘Bucky’ as he was fondly known. Fuller is known as an “Outlaw Designer”, a futurist, “grandfather of the Universe” and a close friend during his life of celebrities, entertainers like John Denver and many more. He was a pilot and a sailor.

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Do You Believe 0 Could Make Such A Huge Difference?

Image result for free restaurant imagesHi, it’s Alex Sprunt here and I have just enjoyed another extraordinary experience and I want to share with you, but first let me ask …

Do you have a favorite restaurant you love to visit? Or do you have a favorite wine, spirit or liqueur you simply cannot or will not live without. Perhaps it is a night at the opera that you look forward to each month or the weekend away four wheel driving, fishing or maybe you’re a ‘crazy one’ and have to compete in that triathlon or half marathon.

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It’s Time We Start Distributing The Wealth!

Biosphere 2

Did you know that we have had a change of CONTEXT for our lives on Earth, and we can now start distributing the wealth?

In fact the wealth is abundant!

Context is the ‘thing’ that shapes our environment, and our environment is what shapes our behavior.

An automotive factory for instance has a certain context that allows it to produce cars. It can’t produce boats or airplanes unless we change the layout and the type of machines that make up the factory, that makes up the context.

Sometime around 50 years ago the context of life on Earth changed from “there’s not enough for everyone, or there’s scarcity” to a context of “plenty for everyone, a context of abundance”. 

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Your Healthy Planet Wants YOU To Grow … Advertising.

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Now you can be advertising your healthy, green or sustainable products or services for only a month and helping to build the World’s most abundant Ethical Marketplace.

Imagine only a month to set up two ads … and receiving one third back in affiliate rewards for everyone you refer who lists their products or services on the Ethical Marketplace (Premium subscriptions at a month and GOLD at a month).

If you’re thinking “I thought I saw per month” and you did; and as the value of the Ethical Marketplace increases our advertising rate will increase too, up to per month for a Standard subscription giving you two ads of two pages each plus more ‘Special Features’.

Introduce three (3) and you’re advertising is FREE!

Start today ... advertise for  per month. Let Your Healthy Planet promote you, your business or non profit group.

It’s easy … promote what you’re doing that’s good for your customers and/or our planet.

It’s simply not ok anymore for us to do things that are detrimental to other human beings or our environment. We have sufficient evidence to know what works, and what doesn’t work today. When enough of us (critical mass) focus on what works we will transform life on Earth almost overnight. Continue reading

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Is Population Growth Out Of Control?

Can You Believe We Will Have A Population Of 9.7 Billion?

Yes, a population of 9.7 billion people on our small planet by 2050?

Today the world’s population is 7.4 billion and rapid population growth is expected in Africa and Asia, although the rising standard of living in Asia will help to slow population growth resulting in declining Asian population from around 2050.

Hello … is that really possible?

Is it sustainable? What can we do about it?

Nigeria is forecast to become the third most populous country in the world by 2050, overtaking the United States and third only to China and India.

Have a look at the population figure below: Continue reading

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wegreeco 6 Pcs Reusable Menstrual Pads, Ultra Absorbent Cotton C

How does your life stack up in the stakes? In this brief video Neva talks about why abundance is now available for you and me, and for everyone. And all in 90 seconds  …

By the way Neva is only 8 years old and yet she already has two businesses, and is looking for a third. That in itself is abundance thinking I would say.

Please share the video if you agree, and leave your comments below.

On  a recent discussion between three leading US Economists that I saw on Youtube they mentioned the following facts: Continue reading

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Is The SONDORS Electric Car Going To Be A Distruptor?

sondors electric car could be a disruptor The Sondors Electric Car

Storm Sondors is building the Sondors Electric Car.  Storm is one of the most successful businessmen or women when it comes to Crowd Funding. He proved this with his innovative eBike campaign on Indiegogo.

But will the Sondors Electric Car start up be equally successful? It looks like it will …

Find out how you can get shares.

When Storm decided to enter the electric bike industry he saw electric bikes selling for two, three and even four thousand dollars. Many were pretty ordinary bikes with electric motors. He said he would produce a high quality electric bike for under 0US and that’s exactly what he did.

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wegreeco 6 Pcs Reusable Menstrual Pads, Ultra Absorbent Cotton C

poor manYou know how we’re told all the time that works”, and “competition brings prices down”.

That may be so, but what else does it bring down? Does competition destroy ethical behavior, or is caused by greed? What do you think?

Well according to Andrei Shleifer, considered one of the top economists in the world and Professor of Economics at Harvard University (since 1991) it is sometimes competition rather than greed that causes unethical behavior.

What types of unethical behavior is he talking about?

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