Facebook … A New "BarnYard", But Not One For Billionaires!

Facebook … the New “BarnYard”, But Not One For Billionaires!

Ever had a job in the BARN YARD … trying to catch sheep, herd cattle or god forbid try catching pigs or chickens?

There is so much going on and only the experienced farm hand actually gets anything done that’s worthwhile while everyone else runs around expending lots and lots of energy getting sweaty and looking forward to a long cool drink.

Almost two decades ago I participated in a course called Money & You and we played lots of games, including one called the “Barn Yard Game”. It was noisy … there were people yelling, music playing and it was hard to think.

I mean it’s not easy to think at the best of times is it? One of Henry Ford’s famous sayings is “Thinking is one of the most difficult tasks there is, that’s why so few people participate in it.”

Well when people are telling at you this, and telling you that … suggesting we do this, inviting me to do that, it’s even harder to think.

So my strategy with Facebook and I do enjoy the part of catching up with family goings on, is that I now logon, have a look round and then log off.

I am staggered how much time some people spend on Facebook … it’s now the Web’s Ultimate TIME SINK and it’s growing by the month.

Evidently there is some growing disquiet around Facebook and like others I am seriously considering erasing (if that’s possible) my account … and simply staying with the healthy, green networks I belong to including Your Healthy Planet.com of course.

I honestly doubt that the future billionaires, the people who are leading the conversations towards growing a healthy, green and sustainable future spend too much time on Facebook … chances are they have leveraged that out as well.

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Twenty years ago I participated in a game that changed my life. Called "The Barnyard Game" it threw groups of intelligent people into fierce competition for the chance to 'access the Ocean of Abundance' and the "Ocean only wants to OUTFLOW ... so come with a spoon, a cup, bucket or pipe it in, the Ocean doesn't care". The game was noisy, loud, had physical barriers and it was played hard. Then all of a sudden a realisation was made that swept through the game in an instant. "There is no need to compete ... the Ocean is abundant and wants everyone to enjoy her abundance." For forty years or more we have been living at a time when everyone on earth could be living the lifestyle of billionaires. Technology and a cooperation revolution makes this available and the way forward is to elevate everyone up above the level of the "1%" rather than try and pull the 1% down to a low level. We are all living in exciting times ...
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