Will You Survive 12 Months Without Working … ??

I’m one of many ‘Baby Boomers’ considering retirement or already there. My father lived through the Great Depression and was in the RAAF during the WWII. He built his own house and lived in it for 60 years. Dad had one job with a state government department for his entire working career, something hard to believe today. His income was sufficient, but we were not wealthy. He retired at age 59 with good superannuation and had no real financial concerns. He lived to the age of 90.

What is your score?

Fast forward to today, and you are expected to have around six to twelve career changes, (I had six changes to date).

Now we are living in an unforeseen period of time for most people on Earth, with a global pandemic and possibly severe financial hardships to follow.

According to Sociologists Dennis Gilbert, William Thompson and Joseph Hickey roughly 15% of the population of the world are upper middle class and are dealing with the virus situation reasonably well. Grave fears are held if the virus moves into some third world countries and is not contained.

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Ray Dalio Says Capitalism & The System Are Broken!

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