It Is Amazing Dick Smith Doesn’t Understand Technology!

It Is Amazing That Dick Smith Doesn’t Understand Technology!

And if Dick Smith doesn’t understand what technology is, what chance does the average person have to enjoy the abundance that technology is capable of providing for everyone?

People of prominence such as Dick Smith can easily get their opinions aired and even sway influence over others. In this area Dick Smith has a new cause to give his time to … to prevent Australia becoming over-populated. In his recent interview on the ABC he expressed his strong concern at our continued need for growth in the economy, something that founding the Dick Smith empire was a part of.

But that was then, and now is now … said Dick Smith.

Scarcity ceased around 1970.






In that interview Dick Smith admits to being a selfish person. He is not the only selfish one amongst the twenty percent of our world’s population that consumes 80% of our wealth each year. Four hundred children die of hunger every hour Dick Smith, not because of over population … because of “un-evident selfishness”.

Un-evident selfishness is a term Buckminster Fuller used to define people who appear to be caring, indeed they often are highly respected and donate to various charitable causes but behind the facade they are interested only in themselves. The only reason someone would behave this way today, in the 21st Century is because they do not understand “technology”.

Fact - We now have abundance!







Mmmmm … is the “fear” of overcrowding and “selfishness” related? I propose they are, especially when the person, Dick Smith in this case has no understanding of technology.

That certainly appears amazing that Dick Smith would not know what technology is, given he is the founder of Dick Smith Electronics stores.

How does this happen, and if Dick Smith doesn’t understand technology what chance do you think the average person has? Technology is becoming more and more engrained in our everyday lives …  yet we as human beings are only just starting to scratch the surface of understanding technology.

If you enjoy Sir David Attenborough’s nature programs or similar programs you will have been watching some advanced technology in action. Nature employs incredible technology just so an eagle can see it’s prey from hundreds of feet in the air, so that thousands of herring can swim and turn at speed without colliding, that a crab can see  270 degrees and in three dimensions so that preditors can be spotted quickly.

Buckminster Fuller, who is considered one of the most important human beings of the twentieth century (I do hope you have heard of him … if not go here and find out more about him) knew that a “comprehensive design revolution” would transform life on-board our planet within as short a time as ten years as soon as we realize we have the option to all make it successfully and start working together.

Every ounce of energy put towards stopping something from occurring slows down our evolutionary journey.

One modern day philosopher by the name of Mark Joyner ( gives these five laws:

  • Law of Straight lines – the shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be is a straight line.
  • Law of Clear Vision – always keep your goal in sight.
  • Law of Focused Attention – stay Focused on your goal.
  • Law of Focused Energy – put all your energy into achieving your goal.
  • The Inescapability of Action / Reaction – every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

What happens as a country’s standard of living increases is that it’s population growth slows and eventually it can even reverse, or become a negative growth rate. Any concerns over population growth is simply a mis-understanding of what actually happens, or a selfish and greedy belief that there is not enough for everyone to become successful and enjoy life fully.

Naturally when we say “working together” we mean moving forward as an aligned team … focusing on creating  a healthy, green and sustainable future and promoting healthy green products and services. If you know someone with a pproduct or service that makes a positive difference please make sure to direct them to the Ethical Marketplace on Your Healthy … where they will be rewarded for advertising!

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Twenty years ago I participated in a game that changed my life. Called "The Barnyard Game" it threw groups of intelligent people into fierce competition for the chance to 'access the Ocean of Abundance' and the "Ocean only wants to OUTFLOW ... so come with a spoon, a cup, bucket or pipe it in, the Ocean doesn't care". The game was noisy, loud, had physical barriers and it was played hard. Then all of a sudden a realisation was made that swept through the game in an instant. "There is no need to compete ... the Ocean is abundant and wants everyone to enjoy her abundance." For forty years or more we have been living at a time when everyone on earth could be living the lifestyle of billionaires. Technology and a cooperation revolution makes this available and the way forward is to elevate everyone up above the level of the "1%" rather than try and pull the 1% down to a low level. We are all living in exciting times ...
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