Is Population Growth Out Of Control?

Can You Believe We Will Have A Population Of 9.7 Billion?

Yes, a population of 9.7 billion people on our small planet by 2050?

Today the world’s population is 7.4 billion and rapid population growth is expected in Africa and Asia, although the rising standard of living in Asia will help to slow population growth resulting in declining Asian population from around 2050.

Hello … is that really possible?

Is it sustainable? What can we do about it?

Nigeria is forecast to become the third most populous country in the world by 2050, overtaking the United States and third only to China and India.

Have a look at the population figure below:

There is no guarantee that the population will peak at around nine or ten billion people and then start to decline. This will only happen if the standard of living of everyone on Earth is elevated to a high standard of living. examined this problem during the early and mid twentieth century and said that affordable must become a priority. His Dymaxion house (made of aluminum in a factory and delivered by helicopter) was a similar cost to an automobile.

In Nigeria there has been a critical housing shortage for decades.

No one took responsibility for it, and today there is a deficit of 17 million homes.

With a population of largely unskilled low income workers many cannot afford the current rents and mortgage payments, but traditional economic measures are still focusing on long term mortgage arrangements (a noose around your neck) rather than transforming housing.

In India the deficit is some 65 million homes. These people currently live in slums and makeshift cover.

Buckminster Fuller said “We Do Have The Option To Make It.”

Buckminster put the question … “How Do We Make The World Work For 100% Of Humanity In The Shortest Time Without Disadvantage To Another Or The Environment?”

What can you think of?

It is no longer Nigeria’s responsibility.

We used to think that we just had to look after ourselves. We used to think that we just had to be responsible for our own country, as if something “miraculous” happened at the border, like what happens ‘out there’ doesn’t affect us.

Separation And Replication Is A Form Of Cancer

Nobel nominee and author Ervin Laszlo  has published some 70 or more books on consciousness and the like and he says we are already “connected and entangled in perfect balance in the Universe” and to do anything contrary, and to replicate that elitism or separation is like the formation of a cancer, it must destroy the host. 

Watch his 15 minute interview here

We are now seeing businesses like Tesla Motors and Solar City who are interested in the overall success of their clients and the environment, globally and comprehensively, as futurist Buckminster Fuller said must happen. And they are profitable and very very popular.

Fuller said the most important message to get out to the world is that “We do have the option to make it successfully on this planet.”

Our success is dependent on a comprehensive design science revolution … the intention of which is to elevate everyone on Earth to a high standard of living, higher than anyone has yet experienced. Rather than investing enormous energy and funds on pulling the 1% down, it is much more effective and less expensive to elevate everyone out to their level.

This is an urgent challenge.

Werner Erhardt (winner of the Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian Prize and considered to be the person who put empowerment in business, rather than management) said in the early 1980’s that “it is no longer you or me, that the new paradigm means that it must be you and me.”

“Anything other than you and me is lethal, and will destroy the planet.”

Have a look at the population growth image above again. If we do nothing, if we continue with convention, if we maintain the status quo we risk destroying life on Earth; we will have proven human beings to be a failed experiment.

The context of life on Earth has changed in the past fifty years or so, from one of scarcity to a context of abundance. We can do anything that we can dream up as a possibility. We just have to start to dream again.

Ervin Laszlo said, and I agree, “We need to become inspired, to find something that inspires us, without having a huge enemy to combat.”

So if you are already or wanting to be doing something good for humanity, for our amazing small regenerative planet then join me today for FREE.

Let’s become inspired by the opportunity to elevate another person and help them lend a hand to another, and another. Become what we actually are, connected and entangled.

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Twenty years ago I participated in a game that changed my life. Called "The Barnyard Game" it threw groups of intelligent people into fierce competition for the chance to 'access the Ocean of Abundance' and the "Ocean only wants to OUTFLOW ... so come with a spoon, a cup, bucket or pipe it in, the Ocean doesn't care". The game was noisy, loud, had physical barriers and it was played hard. Then all of a sudden a realisation was made that swept through the game in an instant. "There is no need to compete ... the Ocean is abundant and wants everyone to enjoy her abundance." For forty years or more we have been living at a time when everyone on earth could be living the lifestyle of billionaires. Technology and a cooperation revolution makes this available and the way forward is to elevate everyone up above the level of the "1%" rather than try and pull the 1% down to a low level. We are all living in exciting times ...
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