PRESS RELEASE … “Your Healthy Planet is here and finally goes LIVE.”

“Your Healthy Planet is here and finally goes LIVE.”

March 31st 2011

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A journey of almost thirteen years is now only just beginning.

The seed for Your Healthy™ was sown in 1993 when entrepreneur and author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series Robert Kiyosaki, handed Founder and CEO Alex Sprunt a small white card with these words written on it … “Be A Millionaire For World Peace”.

These six words have lived with Alex ever since, and with his passion for good health and the environment helped create what is perhaps the world’s first member’s club and ethical marketplace … based on the principles used in nature, with a context of abundance.

In 1952, the year Alex was born, a man named R. Buckminster Fuller announced that human beings had, for the first time in history reached the point where we now had sufficient resources and know how to feed, cloth and house every person on-board this planet at a very high standard of living.

Buckminster Fuller was a futurist, comprehensive design scientist, an engineer, architect, philosopher and one of our first environmentalists. It took a group of some 1500 eminent scientists another eighteen years, until 1971 to prove Fuller was indeed correct.

The significance of this point in history is profound. Most people today are simply not aware of the fact that there is more than enough for everyone, and therefore no logical reason to compete anymore.

Fuller believed that letting everyone on earth know this was the most important message to convey to people. Competing for so called ‘scarce’ resources is destroying our planet and costing tens of thousands of lives every day.

In 1980 Fuller described the world’s population as being made up of  “4.7 billion potential billionaires, most of whom are not aware of their good fortune”.

This ‘good fortune’ has been bought about by ‘technology’, which is providing breakthrough after breakthrough … meaning we have the ability to “do more with less” everyday. So why is the vast majority of the world’s population working harder now than ever before?

It simply makes no sense, unless we are ignorantly maintaining a belief that there is not enough for everyone, so we must therefore compete against our neighbour for our share of these supposedly scarce resources.

Buckminster Fuller is also responsible for the concept of “synergy”, or the benefits available from working together. Its underlying proposition is that the whole has properties greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the properties of its parts.

Fuller held important military roles in both World War I and II, and he saw first hand the enormous military budgets, and the incredible advancements in “Killingry” that these budgets produced.

He believed it was possible to re-orient this expenditure away from “Killingry” to “Livingry”, and that by working together we would raise the standard of living of everyone on Earth to that of a billionaire’s lifestyle within a very short time; he said it could even happen within ten years or less.

As a civil engineer and risk manager Alex knew that engineering a solution to a particular problem is often the most effective solution, much more effective than administrative measures (e.g. regulations, laws, policing, auditing etc) or education, and people don’t like change.

So Your Healthy™ was born, and provides a NEW concept in marketing and business based on the principles found in nature, and incorporating time tested reward systems that are decades old.

Your Healthy is essentially a ‘cooperative marketing’ structure that rewards individuals, businesses, sporting or social clubs and not for profit groups for working together and focusing attention on their healthy, green, sustainable aspects. No doubt you have heard of the principle “Where the FOCUS goes, the energy flows”.

Your Healthy™ … where it PAYS to advertise being healthy and green.

“The context of Your Healthy™ is a context of “abundance” and all our members are rewarded for helping us create a healthy, green, sustainable future … a future that works for everyone.”

“That’s the future Buckminster Fuller said was possible, and as an engineer I like to create new things.” said Alex “It has been quite a journey and I know it is only just beginning. Our goal is to have 5 million advertising members on the Ethical Marketplace within 5 years.”

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About Alex Sprunt

Twenty years ago I participated in a game that changed my life. Called "The Barnyard Game" it threw groups of intelligent people into fierce competition for the chance to 'access the Ocean of Abundance' and the "Ocean only wants to OUTFLOW ... so come with a spoon, a cup, bucket or pipe it in, the Ocean doesn't care". The game was noisy, loud, had physical barriers and it was played hard. Then all of a sudden a realisation was made that swept through the game in an instant. "There is no need to compete ... the Ocean is abundant and wants everyone to enjoy her abundance." For forty years or more we have been living at a time when everyone on earth could be living the lifestyle of billionaires. Technology and a cooperation revolution makes this available and the way forward is to elevate everyone up above the level of the "1%" rather than try and pull the 1% down to a low level. We are all living in exciting times ...
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