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Do You Believe $100 Could Make Such A Huge Difference?

Hi, it’s Alex Sprunt here and I have just enjoyed another extraordinary experience and I want to share with you, but first let me ask … Do you have a favorite restaurant you love to visit? Or do you have … Continue reading

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Neva Wants To Know If Your Life Is Abundant and Plentiful?

How does your life stack up in the #abundance stakes? In this brief video Neva talks about why abundance is now available for you and me, and for everyone. And all in 90 seconds  … By the way Neva is … Continue reading

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What Do The Great Mentors/Business Leaders Have In Common?

Are you an Entrepreneur? I truly hope you are, or that you want to be … because successful entrepreneurs create NEW opportunities and employment for others and without that we would be in an even more difficult position.

I am so excited to share with you that our friend, DC Cordova, a Global Entrepreneur, and CEO of Excellerated Business Schools® and the Money & You® Program, is sharing a powerful tool that has been used by some of the most successful mentors and business leaders worldwide which can support you in creating a great business and move you to a whole other level in this New Economy. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods a Billionaire? That's 'LEVERAGE' …

Every time Tiger helps another sporting brand increase their sales he is rewarded with an increase in royalties … and every time my mentor or I help another person increase their income we are similarly rewarded with higher royalties. You could say “It’s the name of the game.”

The word “royalties” isn’t used that often among people earning a living through their JOB. They can of course start to develop a part-time royalty income while they have the security of their job; and that is the exact recommendation given by author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. Continue reading

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Buckminster Fuller and Dr Deming, The Real Billionaire Makers!

If IBM and Microsoft had found a way to work together, thousands of people-years – the best years of some of the best engineers at both companies – would not have been wasted.” (p 62, The Road Ahead)

Working together … cooperating would have saved thousands of people-years and Bill Gates goes on to add ” … graphical computing would have become mainstream years sooner.”

A members association Your Healthy Planet.com is creating a structure to engineer and encourage cooperation for the benefit of everyone. Continue reading

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How The Housing Industry Could Create 10 Billion Billionaires

Housing is over 60% of most domestic economies and it’s from the dark ages. Imagine what is possible when we transform the building industry. 10 billion billionaires is possible. Who builds cities full of beautiful, even opulent office buildings and … Continue reading

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