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Does Competition Destroy Ethical Behavior?

You know how we’re told all the time that “#competition works”, and “competition brings prices down”. That may be so, but what else does it bring down? Does competition destroy ethical behavior, or is #unethical behavior caused by greed? What … Continue reading

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Why Competition Doesn’t Work Today.

Competition in business doesn’t work today. It hasn’t worked for over forty years, in fact competition is what is causing the demise of humanity at an accelerating and alarming rate, and yet many leaders and politicians continue to push for … Continue reading

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Celebrating EARTH DAY … with a COMPETITION!

Celebrating EARTH DAY … with a COMPETITION!
The celebration … and I just love celebrations. It started 40 years ago. It’s an acknowledgment of this beautiful and amazing small planet we called earth. Even though at times we’ve not respected her she continues to do her best to make us a success. And the PRIZE? … a lucky member will receive a 12 month Premium advertising subscription valued at $924.00 for themselves, or a nominated business, club or not for profit organization. Continue reading

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Buckminster Fuller and Dr Deming, The Real Billionaire Makers!

If IBM and Microsoft had found a way to work together, thousands of people-years – the best years of some of the best engineers at both companies – would not have been wasted.” (p 62, The Road Ahead)

Working together … cooperating would have saved thousands of people-years and Bill Gates goes on to add ” … graphical computing would have become mainstream years sooner.”

A members association Your Healthy Planet.com is creating a structure to engineer and encourage cooperation for the benefit of everyone. Continue reading

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