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Do You Believe $100 Could Make Such A Huge Difference?

Hi, it’s Alex Sprunt here and I have just enjoyed another extraordinary experience and I want to share with you, but first let me ask … Do you have a favorite restaurant you love to visit? Or do you have … Continue reading

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Do You Consider Your Health REAL Wealth?

Years ago I read an article that said it will not be aged pensions or ‘super’ funds (lack of funding) that bankrupts developed countries; it would be the inability to fund their health-care systems that would bankrupt countries. I often … Continue reading

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“Thank You, Please Forgive Me, I Love You …”

Now I could no more sit in that bumper to bumper traffic for one hour, twice a day (I live only 8 kms from the CBD) than I could fly. But at one time in my life I did just that, and while I didn’t enjoy it it was what I did.

Today I am living a simpler and simpler life, I see things much more clearly … Continue reading

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CHRISTMAS In 2020 … And No One Is Hungry!

Christmas 2020 and No One Is Hungry! Reports are coming in from all around the globe … and so far there’s not one report of anyone, not one person being hungry at all.

What amazing determination from hundreds and thousands or organizations, some whom have been working towards this day for years and years and in fact decades.
Could a $3 investment back in 2009 have started all this? Continue reading

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Solar and Green Building Must Proceed & Create New Billionaires

Solar and Green Building Must Proceed & Create New Billionaires This is A MUST SEE VIDEO. Watch the VIDEO and then leave us your comments. Wow … how much does that house ‘give back’? It giving back electrical energy, heat … Continue reading

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