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Is Population Growth Out Of Control?

Can You Believe We Will Have A Population Of 9.7 Billion? Yes, a population of 9.7 billion people on our small planet by 2050? Today the world’s population is 7.4 billion and rapid population growth is expected in Africa and … Continue reading

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What Will Living In 2050 Look Like?

Buckminster Fuller was very accurate in predicting the future that we were living into, and he always designed for ‘optimum livability’ … not just designing to provide living space at a marketable price. Take the ‘Old Man River’┬áresidential living project … Continue reading

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A New House In Only 7 Hours …

You may not be able to see it … it is the increasingly faster and faster change that is making things smaller, faster, stronger, greater capacity, and lower cost every day. When you understand the ‘acceleration’ effect you quickly see that means exponential rate of change … ultimately “creating something from nothing” which most spiritual students would acknowledge as possible. Can you imagine starting with a slab … or less, and having a NEW home in just 7 hours?
Probably not, but it is true … Continue reading

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How The Housing Industry Could Create 10 Billion Billionaires!

How Could The Housing Industry Create 10 Billion Billionaires? For starters it would need to embrace technology. The building industry will need to start doing things differently; very differently. At this moment I am reading Buckminster Fullers biography At Home … Continue reading

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