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Build Your House In Just 7 Hours!

I’m talking about living a life of abundance, or of scarcity irrespective of the perceived context … which for the vast majority of people is “scarcity”, i.e there’s simply not enough for everyone.

When you look at the facts, that old paradigm is no longer the truth, and has not been the case for almost half a century, but is continuing to be held in place. That reminds me of something I heard from Robert Kiyosaki … that wherever there is pain in society there is an opportunity to profit.

Back in the 1970’s Buckminster Fuller said that most people were in fact living as slaves, with little if any freedom. Many similar assessments have been made by other notable people in recent times. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods a Billionaire? That's 'LEVERAGE' …

Every time Tiger helps another sporting brand increase their sales he is rewarded with an increase in royalties … and every time my mentor or I help another person increase their income we are similarly rewarded with higher royalties. You could say “It’s the name of the game.”

The word “royalties” isn’t used that often among people earning a living through their JOB. They can of course start to develop a part-time royalty income while they have the security of their job; and that is the exact recommendation given by author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. Continue reading

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Bill Gates Became A Billionaire … And So Can You!

Bill Gates was a self professed NERD, at a time when the world thought it needed computers. We hadn’t yet realised that what we needed to know for our survival was staring us in the face, we just had to study it … study nature. Continue reading

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