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Do You Believe $100 Could Make Such A Huge Difference?

Hi, it’s Alex Sprunt here and I have just enjoyed another extraordinary experience and I want to share with you, but first let me ask … Do you have a favorite restaurant you love to visit? Or do you have … Continue reading

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How To Network For Success Today!

You may have heard the adage “Your Net-worth is determined by the size of your Network!” So how do you Network For Success? Obviously I think most people know that it involves building a NETWORK of friends or associates. I … Continue reading

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Facebook … A New "BarnYard", But Not One For Billionaires!

So my strategy with Facebook and I do enjoy the part of catching up with family goings on, is that I now logon, have a look round and then log off.

I am staggered how much time some people spend on Facebook … it’s now the Web’s Ultimate TIME SINK … and it’s growing by the month. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods a Billionaire? That's 'LEVERAGE' …

Every time Tiger helps another sporting brand increase their sales he is rewarded with an increase in royalties … and every time my mentor or I help another person increase their income we are similarly rewarded with higher royalties. You could say “It’s the name of the game.”

The word “royalties” isn’t used that often among people earning a living through their JOB. They can of course start to develop a part-time royalty income while they have the security of their job; and that is the exact recommendation given by author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. Continue reading

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Bill Gates Became A Billionaire … And So Can You!

Bill Gates was a self professed NERD, at a time when the world thought it needed computers. We hadn’t yet realised that what we needed to know for our survival was staring us in the face, we just had to study it … study nature. Continue reading

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