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Could We All Become Billionaires, And Be A Stand For World Peace?

Could we all become billionaires, and be a stand for world peace?

The simple answer is YES … unequivocally YES!

The challenge is that very few people currently know that it is possible, or feel able to do anything practical about making it happen; in other words they feel ‘helpless’ to intervene.

In the 1980’s Buckminster Fuller expressed the URGENCY for us to share that it is now possible for us to provide for everyone on planet earth at a very high standard of living. In fact he foresaw the opportunity for each of us to become one of four and a half billionaires on planet earth, that being the population of the time. Continue reading

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Print Your Own Money … Is That What Billionaires Do?

Print Your Own Money … Is That What Billionaires Do? It sounds like a strategy straight out of “Money & You” – a 3 1/2 day business program I participated in some time ago. The program was amazing and it’s … Continue reading

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"What's Money & You"? Ever heard of it?

Well … when I saw the headlines in todays NEWS (www.yahoo.com) saying “Aussies 30 days from being broke” it reminded me of a three day seminar I participated in fifteen years ago called “Money & You”.

In fact it was my wise mother who introduced me to the course indirectly by sending me a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s first book. No, the book wasn’t Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Continue reading

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