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What Did Fuller Mean By "Unevident Selfishness"?

When I first heard the phrase “unevident selfishness” I felt something ‘hit me’ in the gut … and I stopped the CD to listen again. “People appearing as though they care, and doing good things”, but according to the presenter, the late R Buckminster Fuller in reality they are actually selfish, and doing their best to conceal it.

People interested in bettering their own position.

Isn’t that what we should be doing in our life? I’m sure most would agree, however when you understand there is abundance available, enough for everyone on our planet to be living the lifestyle of a billionaire then it is no longer integrity, (ie it no longer works) and that is what Fuller is saying. Continue reading

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Are You On Track To Becoming A Billionaire? If Not, Why Not?

Are You On Track To Becoming A Billionaire? If Not, Why Not? Are you in the right ‘frame of mind’, the right attitude to get what you want, whether that is money or anything else? “How can I possibly manifest … Continue reading

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