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Solar Is A Life Saver! More Than You Know!

Simply by capturing five days worth of radiant energy we would provide sufficient energy for the entire world population … and it is entirely conceivable that “cosmic accounting” may indeed be the natural accounting system of our solar system.

Our streets have been ‘paved’ (lit up) with ‘gold’ and we have literally ‘walked on by’ without really giving it a second thought. Continue reading

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Copenhagen – Where Do All The Billions Go? And Is It Really Worth It?

Wow … 93.18% believe there will be no practical solutions come from the Copenhagen conference. You could say that “Whether we survive, or not … it is up to you and me.” Here are a few suggestions you can put into action today. Continue reading

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Australian Farmers May Soon Become 'Solar Billionaires'!

Human technological advancements certainly have some speed and continue to surprise, thrill and expand our imaginations, as do our breakthroughs in our understanding of nature.

Could Aussie farmers soon become the new Solar Billionaires?

Take a look at this “Sun Powered” farm ute … with a 200HP electric motor it is powerful enough to pull seed drills and does most of the crop and pasture plantings on an Australian 2000acre wheat and sheep property near Bathurst NSW.

The Farm Ute is fully recharged overnight, ready to go back to work.

The ute and the farm house are powered entirely from the sun by a 4kwHr PV system installed on the garage roof. Purchasing power off the grid at 19 cents a KwHr off-peak and selling solar power back into the grid at 60 cents a KwHr is good business. Continue reading

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