Tiger Woods a Billionaire? That's 'LEVERAGE' …

So Tiger Woods has earned a billion dollars hitting a little white ball across the grass.

Now that’s not bad!

Woods, Billionaire.

by Andrew Sharp • Sep 27, 2009 8:52 PM EDT

According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, today’s $10 million purse for winning the Fed Ex Cup has brought Tiger Woods closer to crossing over the billion dollar threshold for career earnings. He’s still a ways off from the $6 billion that ESPN Magazine once predicted he’d net for his career, but still, not a bad haul, all things considered.

The best part, though? According to Rovell, “agent Mark Steinberg told me they don’t keep track.” And that my friends, is proof that he’s truly rolling in money. Even wealthy people have to keep track of their earnings, but the among the truly, outrageously rich billionaires?

They just know, ya know?

Wow … That’s LEVERAGE! You see the reason Tiger Woods doesn’t have to keep track is two fold. First he evidently has a very good agent and good financial managers looking after him; and secondly and equally important is that the majority of Tiger’s income comes in the form of ROYALTY INCOME and endorsements.

But let’s focus on the royalty income for a minute.

Who, other that top golfing stars earn royalty income? Well there are singers and musicians, and authors all get royalties on CD’s, DVD’s and books. Actors and actresses often get royalties on movies as do directors and producers.

My mentor in the company I am in also receives royalties, not as much as Tiger but it’s still a handsome amount and a little over one million dollars a year. He also says that he doesn’t keep track of his income … it goes into his bank account like clockwork, same day every month, rain hail or sunshine and all he has to do is focus on “his game”.

Every time Tiger helps another sporting brand increase their sales he is rewarded with an increase in royalties … and every time my mentor or I help another person increase their income we are similarly rewarded with higher royalties. You could say “It’s the name of the game.”

The word “royalties” isn’t used that often among people earning a living through their JOB. They can of course start to develop a part-time royalty income while they have the security of their job; and that is the exact recommendation given by author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki.

Everyone, in his opinion should have a business, part-time or full-time so that you can not only earn extra income and have some advantage when it comes to tax time; but more importantly because you are going to be trained and you will learn skills that can serve you for the rest of your life.

The thing that scares many people away from getting involved in a  business is the risk … and that’s an obvious perception in our society, and perception is reality for most people.

I started two successful businesses and the first was an investment of around $25,000 and the other I started from scratch but with lots of blood sweat and tears.

I also got involved in a network marketing business simply because I loved their products and they are one of the top companies in the industry. The risk is minimal with start up packages as low as $69.00 although my experience has been that the success oriented individuals usually start with a start-up package around the $200 or even $400 mark.Commitment is often reflected by the size of a persons purchase, but the size of their DREAM is perhaps even more important.

I was only looking for an extra $500 a month.

I was only looking for an extra $500 a month.

I have always had BIG Dreams and I’m clear our planet and the amazing leverage provided by the internet means that everyone who has a dream and is willing to listen, willing to learn and willing to take action can succeed BIG in this industry.

Finally if you know anyone that has a DREAM, and a strong desire to fulfill that dream let them know about this opportunity and let them make an informed decision that could change their future like it has changed millions of people already.

For those that already have a business or are looking at getting one started the internet is opening up exciting opportunities. In addition to your primary business you can soon take advantage of Your Healthy Planet.com’s advertising cooperative and member’s club where you can be rewarded for helping grow a healthy and abundant future for everyone.

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