Why Competition Doesn’t Work Today.

Competition in business doesn’t work today. It hasn’t worked for over forty years, in fact competition is what is causing the demise of humanity at an accelerating and alarming rate, and yet many leaders and politicians continue to push for more and more competition.

Look at any area around the world and you see the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor, you will see more billionaires in Asia (a new economy) than in Europe and yet more poverty, famines and starvation is also occurring.

You will see a global financial system that many analysts say could collapse completely and the actions being taken appear to be ‘band aide’ like.

The truth is the financial system has been a ‘basket case’ for decades now, evidenced by books like Bankrupcy 95′, a book outlining what national bankruptcy will mean for American citizens; and ‘Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changes Everything’ and many more.

Now look at the definition of “competition” and you will see something that is no longer relevant, making competition no longer relevant … Competition arises whenever at least two parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared.”

That is why competition no longer works and why it is bringing about the demise of humanity and life as we have known it. Competition was appropriate and a legitimate way to do business until quite recently.

With all the amazing technology human beings have developed over the past one hundred years (or so) we can literally create everything we want and more, much much more. In fact the rate of change (acceleration) of technological change is not seen by many people at all, it is in the realm of where most technology occurs, ie in the invisible realm and that itself is a whole other story.

But for now be open to the fact that competition in business simply means you have stopped thinking, of ways to work with or co-operate with others in your marketplace because the marketplace is now unlimited.

Buckminster Fuller was called the Grandfather of the Future by John Denver.Buckminster Fuller said around 1980 that “there are now 3.8 billion potential billionaires living on Earth, most of whom were unaware of their good fortune.”

Today there are over seven billion potential billionaires on Earth, and we may well reach ten billion potential billionaires before we manifest this future awaiting us all.

Ever heard of the “X-Y”Game?

Chances are you play it every day without realizing it, and because you don’t understand it and have been told to compete it is costing you and those around you a fortune and ultimately their lives.

Download a copy of how to play the X-Y Game and find some friends to play it with. It says to play it with two people but you can play it with as many people as you like, and have pairs of people playing as well. An independent spectator / adjudicator who knows the rules is also a good idea. This game is amazing as it brings out people’s behavior playing a ‘game’ which is often the same as how they behave in their life.

It has now been over forty years that competition as a way of doing business has had no integrity, or workability. While there may well be powerful individuals that are very happy to see ‘competition’ continue, it is Bucky Fuller’s belief, and that of many other notable futurists that the internet and our ability to network freely all around the world will help bring us together quickly so we can all enjoy an abundant healthy and sustainable lifestyle and enjoy planet Earth fully.

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About Alex Sprunt

Twenty years ago I participated in a game that changed my life. Called "The Barnyard Game" it threw groups of intelligent people into fierce competition for the chance to 'access the Ocean of Abundance' and the "Ocean only wants to OUTFLOW ... so come with a spoon, a cup, bucket or pipe it in, the Ocean doesn't care". The game was noisy, loud, had physical barriers and it was played hard. Then all of a sudden a realisation was made that swept through the game in an instant. "There is no need to compete ... the Ocean is abundant and wants everyone to enjoy her abundance." For forty years or more we have been living at a time when everyone on earth could be living the lifestyle of billionaires. Technology and a cooperation revolution makes this available and the way forward is to elevate everyone up above the level of the "1%" rather than try and pull the 1% down to a low level. We are all living in exciting times ...
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